vitamin k for bones ankles and skin

Vitamin K for Healthy Bones Skin & Anti Wrinkling

Vitamin K for Healthy Bones and Skin

vitamin k spinach for bones and skin

Are you ready to strengthen bones, improve skin, reduce wrinkles and get the beauty benefits of Vitamin K?

If you’re not getting a ton of leafy greens it time to take a Vitamin K supplement. Vitamin K: phylloquinone (vitamin K1) is found in leafy green vegetables like lettuce, broccoli and spinach typical for our Western diet;  (vitamins K2)  menaquinones, from cheese and fermented foods. So if you’re not eating enough taking a Vitamin K supplement will help you get the daily intake you need.

Skin Health Anti Wrinkle

Vitamin K plays a key role in protecting skin elasticity, now some high-end nutraceutical are adding vitamin k to skin care and cosmetic lines as an anti wrinkle solution. Some people just don’t get enough of the vitamin or find it difficult to metabolize ending up with severe premature skin wrinkling. So take get your daily dose and help stave off wrinkles and the aging process.

Vitamin K Supplements

Bone Health Vitamin K for Osteoporosis

If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis, it’s likely you have been prescribed an osteoporosis drug such as Fosamax and to drink your milk. While we’ve been trained to follow Dr’s orders they aren’t as correct as we may like to think. In fact quote the opposite – milk is not for everyone, it’s a mucous, which many people are allergic to it and if not organic loaded with chemicals, growth hormones and who knows what.

So lets look at the alternatives, a little-known bone health gem – vitamin K. Vitamin K has been known best for blood clotting functions. If you are taking anticoagulant drugs, your need to discuss any supplements to ensure the aren’t any conflicting issues. There’s little talk about Vitamin K in the medical field, but the K is essential to your bone-health, while the main focus seems to be on calcium. The most prevalent mineral in bones is calcium. The calcium-binding capacity of osteocalcin is activated when it is chemically altered through a vitamin K.  So taking vitamin K and calcium makes sense for bone health.

Sources of Vitamin K

There are 2 basic types of vitamin K.  K1 Phylloquinones, which is made by plants and K2 menaquinones si synthesized by intestinal bacteria.

Unlike vitamin K1, vitamin K2 does not concentrate in the liver. The body only stores a limited amount of vitamin K in the liver, so it is important to have enough available K2 in the body, this is where supplements can be the answer.

Natural Sources of Vitamin K1

Examples of natural and rich dietary sources of K1 are leafy green vegetables, spinach, green beans, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, peas, romaine lettuce and bell peppers.

Natural Sources of Vitamin K2.

Fermented foods,  such as soy, some cheeses that and fermentation processes that activate change and the process of food processes.  There are certain medications that react with fermented foods, so if you are taking the anticoagulant medication, talk to your Dr. 

If you are not getting enough Vitamin K in your diet here is one of my favorite Vitamin K Supplement Gluten Free Organic. Make sure you get yours for healthy bones, anti wrinkles and a myriad of health benefits.

Did I mention Vein Health too? 


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