lean skinny vegetarian weight loss dietBut for anyone who’s carrying around a little extra weight (or a lot), can benefit for going meat free full time or part time. Losing weight is a constant challenge for millions of people, and one that few seem able to beat for good.

It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. And with all the advice out there you’d think we’d be able to crack the code to getting lean and skinny. But it doesn’t serve the industry for you to get skinny. There’s big dollars in keeping you fat and unhealthy.

But what if there was a better way to lose weight. Trading up endless diets for eating, clean simple healthy food.

With this said eating a vegetarian diet may be the solution. In recent years, millions of people quit eating meat and opting for whole foods in order to meet their weight loss goals. As well as gaining muscle mass and enjoying better overall health.

And there are numerous studies that claim eating a vegetarian diet might be the best way to rid the fat.

So Does the Vegetarian Diet Hold True?

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Where Other Weight Loss Plans Come Up Short

Every year thousands of people start diets, but the results fall short leaving people wondering what they did wrong. Beating themselves up because once again they failed and most even out on more weight than they lost. Over the years and diets I have tried I truly believe we are set to fail only to buy into another weight loss plan and here are 3 beliefs that are asked to buy into which in fact work against reaching your weight loss goals.

Cut Out Fat: Though it seems to make sense eating fat would add the extra pounds the truth is that cutting fat from your diet is likely to be harmful to your weight loss attempts, leaving you hungry, irritable, contribute to aging and can effect brain function and a whole lot more.  Now not all fats are equal, but the good fats are essential.

Exercising Off Excess: No matter how many hours you spend on the treadmill, you’ll never exercise enough to make up for an unhealthy diet. I know some of the most fanatical gym goers and because of their eating habits they see little to no benefit for weight loss. What you eat is far more important for weight loss than any amount of physical activity.

Calories In, Calories Out: It’s would be lovely to think that what you ate could burned off as easily but all calories are NOT created equally. I remember going to a “weight loss” class where the instructor proceeded tell explain that if you ate 1000 calories of chocolate you could simple go to the gym and work that off.

No I am not joking! but in truth is your body is greatly affected by the source of calories. So its the quality of the calorie will make the difference between how you lose or gain weight.

Back to my example 1000 calories of chocolate, junk, sugar spikes, diabetes, and all kind if malfunctions in the mind and body versus 1000 calories of fruit, vegetables, grain that will balance, nourish and feed for health.

Rather than counting calories your time is better spent making delicious vegetarian healthy and whole meals.

Benefits of Going Vegetarian for Fat Loss

The traditional weight loss strategies leave much to be desired, thankfully, there are options and if your not ready to go vegan, vegetarian is option with results.

There are more vegetarians than you think, there is an estimated 22.9 million and growing are vegetarian, and their weight loss statistics impressive. In a country (US) where over 65 of people are overweight or obese. While vegetarians tend to weigh less than regular diets that include meat.

A vegetarian lifestyle go beyond weight loss, our veggie friends tend to have lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure and may have a reduced rate of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia and more.

What’s the Benefit of a Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

By eating a vegetarian diet you naturally exchange high calorie, fatty meats for fiber-filled fruits, vegetables and grains that keep you full. Plant-based foods are loaded with nutrients to fuel by your body and they rarely get stored as fat unlike starch and sugars.

So What About the Lean Protein?

Forza sports nutrition recently published a study on weight loss that revealed that vegetarians lost weight close to twice as fast as their meat-eating subjects, losing four pounds a month instead of two. Many people often in sports have relied heavily to get lean, when that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, 90 of the study’s participants found it easier to lose weight once they gave up meat.

Vegetarianism give endless food choices and by simply eliminated meat and trading up for plant based foods is a lifestyle change and less diet control. The key for good health is to dump dieting in favor of long-term lifestyle changes that will last have whole body, mind benefits beyond the scale.

What Makes Vegetarian Eating Effective

Vegetarianism is more than eliminating meat, there are plenty of overweight vegetarians because many fill up on processed carbs, that will never achieve a lean belly. So just as any healthy weight loss you will need to eat adequate amounts of beans, fresh fruits, vegetables, non animal protein and even eat eggs and milk. There are endless tasty substitutes and recipes that you will never run out of meal ideas.

What to Eat in a Vegetarian Diet

To make your smart vegetarian plan a success be sure to eat your fill of these three nutrients to keep you balanced and healthy.

Protein: While meat is the basis of many meals there is a misconception that vegetarians lack protein, I happy to say that is not the case, there plenty of protein based plants beans, lentils, tofu meals, veggie burgers and more to ensure you get your recommended amount of 10 of your calories from protein.

Calcium: Vegetarians eat dairy, while vegans eat no animal products (that includes eggs, dairy and any by products) so you can still have your yogurt, cottage cheese and milk but if your lactose intolerant or want to give up dairy there are plenty of plant-based sources of calcium including kale, collards, beans, broccoli, orange juice, soy milk and more.

Vitamin B12:  Essential to a healthy diet vitamin B12 has almost almost always been relied on and taken from animal products, today there are other means of getting vegetarian  daily supplement, talk to your local supplement store and if they don’t have it most will happily order it in for you.

The Vegetarian Diet Conclusion

While most conventional diets and fad diets will likely fail  in the long term, a lifestyle change to eating a clean, whole vegetarian diet is a great way to get lose the weight, get lean and improve overall wellness. Eating a well-balanced vegetarian diet filled with plenty of plants, fresh fruit, fiber and amazing meals  you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll drop unwanted fat, clear a foggy brain and get a natural energy boost. (Besides the good karma).

Going vegetarian might be tricky at first, but the benefits to your body make it well worth it.

I highly recommend the vegetarian diet as the ultimate fat loss diet, because it’s based on eating organic*, clean, whole foods that tend to be light on calories and loaded with nutrients.

*Eating organic foods isn’t a necessary part  of  a “vegetarian diet, but organic has health benefits for all and it’s what we is advocated at VB. It‘s your health be well!

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