stop toe nail fungus infections naturally

Treat Toe Nail Fungus Infection

How to Treat Embarrassing Toe Nail Fungus Naturally

stop toe nail fungus infections naturally

Nail fungus is a common condition it can start of as white or yellow spots under the tip of your nail by as the fungal infection progresses your nail fungus becomes more noticeable as your nails thicken, discolor and begins to chip and crumble. Nail fungal infection nay not be painful but the conditional can progress and become uncomfortable. Most people who have the toe or finger nail fungus are embarrassed and avoid showing their feet as the condition look ugly and infectious.

Nail Fungus also know in the medical field is often referred to as onychomycosis (on-ih-koh-my-KOH-sis)

Some of the Symptoms of Nail Fungus Are:

  • Thickened Nails
  • Brittle, crumbly or jagged as they appear chipped
  • Distorted in shape, many nails look different
  • Dull and unhealthy
  • Dark in color, appearing dirty
  •  Infected nails also may separate from the nail bed
  • You may feel pain in your toes or fingertips
  • Foul odor that can worsen as the fungus develops

Causes of Fungal Toe and Nail Infections

Nail fungal infections are typically caused by yeast, mold, leaving the nails vulnerable to bacteria and infection. Mold and yeast thrive in certain conditions and continue to get worse if left untreated.

What Is Nail Fungi?

Fungi are microscopic organisms that can survive in most places, they live in warm moist places such as swimming pools, showers and are so tiny you cannot see them with the naked eye. The  fungus easily seeps into cuts pores, open wounds and tiny opening under the nail bed. They start undetected and quickly spread in their moist environment. Before you get to treat it you can have a full blown case of toe nail or finger nail fungal infection.

Do You Need a Dr. to Treat Nail Fungus Infections?

If you aren’t unsure or feeling pain, seeking medical advice makes sense. There are medication, but as with most medications there are chances of side effects. Often medical treatments mask the problem when what you really need to get to the root cause of the fungal infection, treat it and know what to do if you see signs occur in the future. Medications may be used over and and eventually they stop working. Nature has a remedy for most things and when possible opting for natural treatment is best.

Note: If you have diabetes and think you’re developing nail fungus seek medical attention as diabetic foot care may require special attention.

What are the Risk Factors of Toe Nail Fungal Infections

There are certain factors that can contribute/ increase your risk of developing nail fungus including:

  • Being prone to skin condition, psoriasis or nail injury
  • Age – reduced blood flow, poor circulation
  • Aging  nails (but not limited to) increase exposure nails fungi exposure
  • Slower growing nails, or dry and brittle nails leave opening for fungi to thrive
  • Sweaty or perspiring causes moisture, a perfect breeding ground for mold and yeast
  •  If you have a family history of nail fungal infections, especially for males
  • Work environment – of you work in humid or moist environment where you sweat or gave your hands or feet in water your are prone for infection
  • Poorly ventilated footwear; socks, shoes  and work boots can hinder ventilation causing moisture
  • Living with someone who has nail fungus, you are prone to infection if they don’t treat it
  • Barefoot in communal areas, such as swimming pools, shower rooms and gyms
  • Having athlete’s foot which is another fungal infection, can spread to foot fungus
  • Diabetics are prone to foot issues, poor circulation, weakened immune system

Children can also get nail fungal infections, this is not just an adult disease, treating children naturally is a good options and teaching nail hygiene wit]ll help avoid problems and potentially harmful medications

What Happens If You Leave Nail Fungus Infections Untreated?

Severe nail fungus can be very painful, permanent damage may occur leaving you open to continual infections and more serious infections that spread beyond the feet. This is an infection and where mold , fungus and bacteria are involved can easily spread to beyond the foot.  It is very likely that your nails will be permanently damaged without treatment. If you have diabetes or a compromised immune system it can become a very serious problem including bacterial skin infections such (cellulitis). So a condition that can be treated can lead to serious complication.

What Can I Do Naturally if I Have Nail Fungus?

If you have diabetes or compromised a immune system or other medical condition checking with your Dr.s is the place to start. If you know from the symptoms that it is a nail fungal infection then you may want to opt for natural home treatment options to avoid medication and learn to treat the nails naturally.

Take Action!

Don’t wait another day, this is already a bothersome condition, one family member avoided dating because he would not have a woman see his feet, he embarrassment was overwhelming and he continued to miss out on what he wanted to do. No beach, no sandals, no intimacy and fear of medical treatment stopped him. He found a home remedy he could do at home, once he cleared up the toe nail fungus, he knew what to look for and at first sight of any sign he knows how to stop it.

If you are trying to cope with toe nail fungus infections its time to take action, get a help, a home remedy and treat it at home right now. Just click follow the easy steps and have your easy t follow course downloaded today. Aren’t You Ready to Put an End to Nail Fungus Infections ? Click Today


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