Meditation to Alleviate Fibromyalgia Pain

Ease Fibromyalgia Pain With Meditation

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If you are one of the millions of people who suffer with fibromyalgia meditation may be the answer to alleviating pain. There are an estimated 500 million people with fibromylagia pain, this is a low estimate as many are not diagnosed and many suffer in silence as they don’t know the symptoms.  Even though some have tried to get an answer to their pain main have been dismissed by Dr’s as it is often referred to as the invisible illness.  So in addition to their physical pain many suffer emotionally and feel that there is no hope is they cannot get a diagnosis for what they are feeling.

In my coaching practice I met many people in a state of misery, some had been let go from jobs, had failing relationships and felt their life was collapsing as their zest for life diminished. When we discussed what was going on many people shared they were tired, in pain and drained and as a result their emotional state was suffering.

This was all too familiar, I had experienced fibromyalgia first hand; as people shared their symptoms I knew all to well what they were describing, and one thing I had noticed  for me that was the higher my stress level, the pain increased and I had more frequent flare ups.  There seemed to be a real correlation. I knew I had to get to the root of my pain and began to mediate to reduce stress which in turn eased the fibromyalgia symptoms.

First I want to share I am not a Dr. but can relate 100{22957f06eab52837e521e35c414496bd5248889fe34cd51a4a49af79bb6d6d2c} to the symptoms people shared and since many Dr’s did not even recognize this as an illness then you must understand the signs and symptoms to begin a journey into healing. So lets look at the symptoms and then look at how meditation or guided visualization may benefit you.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia is a very serious condition that is often ignored or mis-diagnosed that the sufferers experience and its symptoms should be known so you can learn to alleviate the pain. When left unchecked it not affects the physical but takes a mental toll which can spread and takes over your life.

Pain Around The Tender Points

One of the most common symptoms of the disease is pain in certain places on the body often referred to as the tender points. A Rheumatologist may press on certain areas to see if you are tender or pain. This is a good starting point for diagnosis, but often what happens when you get to the Dr. you do not feel pain at that particular time? Or, if you are told you only showed tenderness have 14 out of the 15 points, which is what happened to me? It’s a malleable disease as well we all have different pain thresholds so this test can be very subjective.

Typical pain points are around the skin’s surface, around the neck, the back, buttocks and shoulders.

Chronic Fatigue

The majority of people with fibromyalgia go through some sort of chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is when you feel tired, drained. lethargic and weak and its seems like it’s for no reason. But when you are in pain you aren’t resting well because of the pain which turn into a vicious cycle. Meditation will hep relax and sleep better as a result.

Tingling Sensation

Another common problem associated with Fibromyalgia is tingling, prickly sensation.  It affects different parts of the body again because it cannot be visually seen it easily gets dismissed. Often the tingling sensation is caused by lack of movement, pressure on the nerves,  often the brain sends messages that associate fibromyalgia pain with movement . Vitamin and mineral levels may also factor into the tingling feeling.

Aching Bones

Many people feel their bones ache, fibromyalgia can often be confused with arthritis joint pain. Pain radiates and it is difficult to pin point where the pain is coming from. The pain is typically coming from the muscle tissue, nerve endings often due to lack of blood supply, people who suffer from fibromyalgia will often describe the pain as aching bones. Arthritis should be ruled out in the beginning stages.

Feeling Exhausted All The Time

People who have fibromyalgia experience sleep problems due to the pain and discomfort. When there is not a deep relaxed sleep the body and mind becomes stressed leaving an overall feeling of despair, hopelessness.

Mood Swings

You moods is likely to change, when you are in pain its difficult to keep upbeat. You are far more likely to be edgy and quick-tempered, even teary and emotional as you feel so drained and overwhelmed. People may not understand the mood swings as they cannot see the pain , therefore not able to understand the effects on your mental well-being. Fibromyalgia is not just a physical condition. Using guided meditation will help bring more positive sensations to the brain, increasing the feel good chemicals and improve the fibro pain as a result.

Often pain medication is recommended but many do little to improve the mood and some can have side effects causing a decline in the mood.

Hormonal Changes

When the body is in pain, it affects the brain, chemicals and can bring about hormonal changes, something that many people may not associate with fibromyalgia. Hormonal changes can involve extremely high or low production of certain hormones which can go unnoticed.

Feeling Numb

Numbness is another common problem with fibromyalgia sufferers. The numbness often happens as muscles spasm and stiffness occurs, in turn this irritates the already sensitive nerves, and like a pinched nerve results in an overall loss of feeling.

Fibromyalgia pain is so frustrating  and known as an invisible disability because you cannot feel the pain and it’s not like a broken leg where you can see a cast or if you see blood and associate pain, when it is not seen people cannot understand that there is real pain.


Many people suffer with depression and there are many levels of depression, when you are in pain, you are tired, you feel hopeless, you doubt  yourself and the ability to ever feel normal, and as a result depression sneaks in and if not treated settles in and take a hold. Depression is something that comes with fibromyalgia. Guided meditation helps alleviate depression as the mind follows the visual cues which change and uplift the thoughts, to rest the brain and relief the pain.

Depression is associated with fibromyalgia and should never be ignored. It is a factor that must be handled with care and is essential to over all wellness.

Inability to Express

In some severe cases of fibromyalgia, you might also have an inability to express yourself through the right words or remembering the right names or seeing faces. When you are tired and exhausted your mind health suffers, you may find it difficult to focus, keep track and become forgetful as the pain and discomfort becomes all-consuming.


When you are in pain, part of the irritation and changes can include hypersensitivity to smells, especially strong scent, bright lights and loud noises. This is part of the nervous system not being as tolerant. You may become extremely sensitive to things that others may not notice or understand.


Anxiety is commonly associated with Fibromyalgia, we live in a stressful world, anxiety is prevalent but when coupled with pain such as fibromyalgia anxiety can take hold. You may become anxious as you anticipate the physical and emotional pain starting again. You may also feel anxious as you are tired which affects the nervous systems if left unchecked anxiety can take on a life of its own and be all-consuming. Anxiety is debilitating. Guided Meditation will also with feeling of anxiety as you breath calmly,  manage the pain and re-balance the mind.

When you are suffering its is essential that you care for your self, some medication may work, that is if you can get diagnosed but you can begin healing your fibromyalgia with guided meditation, gentle yoga and eliminate toxic foods that may look innocent but be very harmful to your body.

Chronic headaches

Chronic headaches are also a common symptom of fibromyalgia. It comes with severe headaches and can turn into migraines. When you are in pain your aren’t active, you may not eat well and lack sleep, and toxins build up in your body; all of the factors can results in painful headaches and migraines related to your fibromyalgia. Use relaxation techniques to help.


IBS is known as irritable bowel syndrome is very common for people who suffer with fibromyalgia. IBS causes abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea as the whole body is disrupted. Lack of sleep pain, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise, fiber and fluid contribute to IBS. Gentle Healing Yoga will help you get the body moving, working at your own pace from home will stretch muscles, get circulation going and rid the body of the toxins that contribute to IBS. Also taking supplements and digestive enzymes will help relieve irritable bowel problems.

Treating Fibromyalgia Pain Naturally

Treating Fibromyalgia takes a holistic approach, while you may get diagnosed and prescribed medication, the medication may mask the real root causes of Fibromyalgia pain.

There are times when we need to take our health into our own hands, especially when we want to find natural alternative solutions to our physical and emotional pain. These are a few tools I found to be exceptionally helpful and I highly recommend them. I never want people to suffer the pain, here are a few simple, gentle things that will improve you well-being.  Try them and see you won’t look back as you re claim you life. Ready! Just check them out –

Guided Visualization

Healing Yoga


Meditation Music

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