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Improving Mind Health With Yoga

Ways to Improve Mind Health With Yoga

improving mind health with yogaBesides physical benefits did you know you can improve your brain health with yoga? Yoga offers a numerous physical benefits such as increased flexibility, muscle tone, increased circulation, increased bone strength and can promotes weight loss. Many yogis find one of the highest benefits for practicing yoga is the ability it holds the power up and to transform our minds. We take our minds for granted but as we age our cognitive ability can decrease quickly and though we may have a healthy functioning body to reap the benefits of a healthy full life our mind health matters. We can do many things to promote a healthy mind, including taking supplements, eating the right food that boost brain health, and creating healthier environments. Some may not be as simple to implement daily but one things for sure yoga is something we can all do. Here, some of the mind health and mental benefits of yoga.

Yoga Boosts Brain Health

There are yoga poses like downward dog which stretch, relax and de-stress the body, but at the same time they may actually increase brain function and mind health. A 20 minute session of relaxing yoga might clear brain fog, improve focus and help retain information according to the University of Illinois. So the next time your head’s feeling foggy or tired, take a few minutes on the yoga mat with some relaxing music to re-balance.

Yoga May Help Mind Health for Bipolar Disorder

People who suffer with bipolar disorder may gain a more balanced mind by using yoga. Recent research published in The Journal of Psychiatric Practice suggests that regular yoga practice could help people manage bipolar disorder. More than 100 people with bipolar who practiced yoga when surveyed were asked to rank how the yoga practice affects their lives. Many shared that it was beneficial to mental health, that they felt it calmed and improved their mind some touted that yoga was “life-changing.” While it’s important to emphasize that surveys can vary, caring for the mind is essential to a balanced life and yoga is an excellent way to achieve wellness. Zen yogis shared that the practice could benefit those living with bipolar disorder and anyone who need to alleviate stress to improve the mind health.

Improving the Mind With Yoga

Yoga a serious stress-buster.

Relieve Stress! Stress is a pre-cursor to anxiety, depression and many emotional disorders, in our fast paced world most of us could do with our daily dose of yoga and reap the benefits.

The Mayo Clinic boasts the power of yoga to fight stress, improve mood and increase overall mind health. Yoga is something everyone can do at any level as it can be modified, whether you are a senior, beginner yogi or advanced the practice can offer a moment to escape from our busy lives. Mindfulness stress reduction, one of the principles of yoga’s core, can help lower anxiety and stress and improve mind wellness. A study at the University of California, whose participants practiced yoga for just 12 minutes daily for eight weeks showed a decrease in their immune systems’ inflammation response which in turn alleviated brain stress and increasing mind function. When we’re over-stressed we run a high risk of health problems, including a greater risk of depression, anxiety, overwhelm as we become more at a higher risk for body and mind inflammation which is said to be the root cause of many serious mind and body illnesses.

Yoga for Happiness

Practicing yoga has a wonderful affect of leaving you more grounded, centered and happy. The simple acts of moving and the yoga poses help oxygen flow with rhythmic breathe sending the feel good signals to the mind for a overall feeling of happiness and wellness. On average, most of us spend our time planning ahead or living in the stuck past, neither of which we can change while practicing yoga helps us be in the present, something most of don’t do without even being aware. But yoga helps us focus on the present by combining both physical and mental exercises and when we are present and engaged there is nothing else we can do but to relax and go with the flow of the now. That’s why yoga instructors often encourage living in the moment during class as we move through the poses. Yoga’s benefits can’t help but boost happiness as we feel refreshed calm and full with a renewed vitality. Do Yoga, Get Happy!

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