Increase Memory Power Through Meditation Guide

Meditate for Memory Power

Recent studies have proven that you can increase your brain mass and increase your memory power significantly. There certain things you can do to increase memory health some include eating healthy foods such as nuts and omega 3 essential oils as well relaxing the mind so it can heal, regenerate for optimal function. One thing that has proven to increase mind health and memory is meditation This article serves as a guide on how meditation works.

increase memory power through meditation
meditate to increase memory power

There are some basic things to consider before taking the first step in meditation. One questions that often gets asked is ‘when is the best time to meditate?’

The Best Times to Meditating to Increase Memory Power

To gain as much benefit from the process you will need to set aside and plan your time to incorporate meditation into your daily routine. Most people who take between 15-30 minutes of meditation daily. Meditating on a regular basis reduces your anxiety levels and also makes you more rational and balanced. The best times to meditate may differ depending on your daily schedule and how you want to feel in that time. The best hours to meditate include:

  • Right after you wake up – it is an excellent way to start off your day with a free and relaxed mind, as you practice you will notice how starting your day with a healthy mindset will set you up for a more productive, successful and enjoyable day.

  • During lunch hours – just after having your meal take time to meditate and unwind. This aids in digestion and optimizes of your bodies metabolism.
  • In the evening but not too close to bedtime – evening is a good time for many people to spend a few minutes in meditation, it will help reduce the stress acquired throughout the day. Try not to meditate right before bed or when you are extremely tired as you may fall asleep; the goal is to relax and clear your mind in the present. If you spend time in meditation earlier in the evening you will likely reach a deeper, more relaxed sleep so you will wake refreshed and more vibrant clear and powerful mind.
  • Whenever you are stressed – Take a few minutes to sit meditate, this will alleviate stress. When you are able to manage stress better you will stave of anxiety and panic that often follows unchecked stress. When you are in a state of stress it is difficult to improve memory as your mind is not in its optimal state. You can change this.

How do you increase memory power through meditation?

By starting with the basics, meditation has some ways of increasing the power of your memory by increasing the brain size.

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