How to Improve Memory Power with Yoga

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Yoga for Memory Power

A healthy mind and body are essential to maintain memory power, and yoga is an excellent way to improve and maintain your physical and mental health.

It is easy to explain how to improve your memory with yoga, by looking at how the mind power that are strengthened by the practice of yoga.

Begin With The Power of Intention 

Firstly, the power of your Intention is required to start learning yoga, and to continue the regular practice of the asanas. Every positive change in this world starts with an intention, which becomes focused by your thoughts and your actions. Intending to remember something is the first step in the process of improving your memory.


Secondly, the power of your Commitment is tested and strengthened every time you practice the asanas, rather than a less demanding activity. By committing to improving your memory power, you will improve your attention, focus and determination.


Thirdly, the power of Attention is used to focus on the asanas, rather than distractions, such as noises in the room. We make decisions every moment about which memories we will discard and which ones we will commit to memory. This is necessary or your brain would soon be overloaded. Yoga trains you to focus; on your teacher, on your body, on your breath.

Fourthly, the power of Visualization is strengthened by the process of seeing your body moving through the sequences of the asanas, in your mind’s eye, before you do them physically.

Fifthly, the power of Verbal Recall is required in yoga, with many common and Sanskrit names for the different postures.

Lastly, the mind power of Relaxation begins to replace chronic tension, allowing more of your mind to be available to take in and recall details that you want to remember.

Benefits of Yoga for Mind Power

Another way to understand how to improve memory power with yoga, is to look at the profound physical changes that occur with the regular practice of yoga.

Blood flow is redirected by visualization, large muscle movements and deep breathing. Every yoga posture is improving blood flow generally and therefore to the brain in particular.

A good supply of fresh, well oxygenated blood is needed by the brain to work well. The inverted postures, including the Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana), offer the strongest pressure on blood flow to the brain.

Yoga breathing improves oxygenation of the blood, and cleansing of the Lymphatic system, which helps to maintain good vitality which is needed for good mind powers, including memory.

Deep muscle relaxation allows your mind to relax. Progressive muscle relaxation is used in the Corpse Pose (Savasana). This allows nervous energy trapped in the tight muscles to be released for use in more productive activities. All brain activities benefit, including memory.

For anyone interested in how to improve memory powers with yoga, it is helpful to understand the basic underlying benefits of yoga, for the mind and the body. As good memory is dependent on a healthy mind and body, yoga is an excellent means of improving your memory.

Tip: Combining yoga and meditation will improve your mind health and physical self for boundless vitality both emotionally and physically .

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