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Natural Wellness For the Mind, Body & Soul

“We Care For The Body, Nurture The Soul But Without A Healthy Mind Who Are We?”

When we are young we tend to focus on the physical self, as we grow we seek out the spiritual and, as we age we fear losing our mind.

I have always said we live life backwards, imagine if we were taught to care for our mind health.  If we did we would naturally care for our body, connect spiritually and live a holistically balanced lifestyle.

The mind is the root of wellness, we fill it with ideas and thoughts, both positive and negative an as a result it gives us back what we put in. The brain is a sponge and it absorbs everything, and what we see on the outside is like a reflection of the inner.

mind body wellness health the natural wayIf we suffer anxiety, depression or filled with positivity, it’s partially a result of what our mind has absorbed. This may not be at all intentional, our minds gather beliefs, conditions and experiences that may be of our own or belong to others.

And since the brain cannot tell between what is real or imagined, everything gets stored. But what if we learned to manage our brain health, nurture and feed it so we will have a sharp active healthier mind? Can this happen? Yes, the brain has the capacity to rebuild new pathways, like rebuilding a weak muscle; it can get strong, healthy and even heal using wellness techniques such as meditation, yoga, nutrition with brain foods and healthy lifestyles.

Meditation Technique

Our minds are filled with racing thoughts, the more thoughts we have the more we resist quieting our mind.  We become so used to the chaos, we fear what will happen if we stopped and became calm. Yet this is what our mind needs to be healthy. Meditation helps re-balance and release the chaos, bringing clarity, focus, mental acuity and a healthy mind.

When you first meditate it may seem difficult, but with practice the brain will give up the fight and crave more as you feel more relaxed, calmer and happier. As you begin mind meditation positive changes will happen, sometimes they are so subtle you may not even notice at first but others around you will.

Meditation may help you release any physical and emotional pain as your mind becomes quiet and heals. Begin healing mediation now and your brain will support you and prevent memory loss as you age beautifully.

Health And Nutrition

Just as our thoughts affects our mind. Nutrition for the mind is essential for mental wellness. Most store bought foods are loaded with sugar, processed and chemically treated, some that may cause brain inflammation, allergies, and alter brain chemicals that may contribute to physical and emotional pain, such as depression, anxiety, lack of focus and even more serious mind issues.

Proper nutrition can help the mind heal, gain focus, clarity and increase healthy brain matter, helping keep you healthy now and as you age. Some of the super brain foods include walnuts, blueberries, healthy fatty acids such as avocados, salmon, pumpkin seeds, leafy greens, and yes, even dark chocolate.

Enjoy fresh, healthy organic foods, filled with nutrients to boost your brain as part of your healthy mind routine.

Yoga Exercises For The Mind

Many people think of yoga as a form of meditation, and many forms are, in fact yoga meditation is becoming a popular and effective movement. While some see yoga as physical exercise alone it also integrates mindfulness and breath work which strengthens the body, calms the mind and has a positive effect.

The beauty of yoga is anyone can do it, there is no age limit, physical limitation it can be adjusted to work for anyone. Yoga is not a competition it is a something you do for yourself. Yoga is calming, it increases physical strength, as you strengthen your core, become leaner, you stand taller, and as a result you feel more confident and well. Your physical condition affects your mental well being just as our thoughts affect our mind.

Practicing yoga for the mind and body will bring you rewards that will carry you throughout your life, connecting mind, body and soul.

Living Healthy

When we are young most of us feel invincible, nothing will ever hurt us, we will be the one who never ages, suffer physical or mental ailments until it happens. Making lifestyle changes now will help stave off many issues that will catch up with us later in life.

By taking time away from the TV, turning off our phones, engaging in community, eating healthy clean food, practicing meditation for a few minutes a day and participating in exercise and yoga will create healthy habits for life.

We cannot expect to live an unhealthy lifestyle, then when we become sick and wonder why our mind is suffering and think our bodies have betrayed us when we have not cared for them as we could. Now is the time to make lifestyle changes, simple adjustments now will set us up for a healthy future as we benefit right here and now.

Holistic Health And Wellness

You brain health is a priority, your mind health if cared for gives you the ability to make good choices, protects you, motivates you, helps you learn, focus and function in the world. It is the one single thing you can do to change your life and overall health and wellness.

Take the steps now to bring your life into balance, this is a holistic approach, by adding a few of these choices will help change your life.  Integrating healthy food nutrition, yoga, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle you have created a system for turning yourself into a powerhouse of wellness.

Be Magnificent, Always,

The Mind Body Wellness Way