Care of our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health is essential for wellness and optimal living.

optimism - how to be optimistic

How to be Optimistic – Habits of Optimists for a Better Life

Optimism. How to be an optimist, learn the 7 habits healthy, happy, wealthy optimistic people

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exercises to strengthen ankles

3 Exercises to Strenthen Ankle Joints

Strengthen Ankle Joints With 3 Easy Exercises Get Strong Ankles Whether you’re a runner, fitness buff, on your feet all day or sit at the office, its important to strengthen your ankle joints to reduce the risk of injury. Your ankles work hard for your and take a of lot of impact. If your active and pounding the […]

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stop toe nail fungus infections naturally

Treat Toe Nail Fungus Infection

How to Treat Embarrassing Toe Nail Fungus Naturally Nail fungus is a common condition it can start of as white or yellow spots under the tip of your nail by as the fungal infection progresses your nail fungus becomes more noticeable as your nails thicken, discolor and begins to chip and crumble. Nail fungal infection nay not […]

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stop chronic heart burn naturally

Stop Chronic Heart Burn at Night

Waking Up With Nighttime Chronic Heartburn Having to cope with constant heartburn symptoms isn’t a pleasant thing, particularly if the symptoms are especially severe and when it strikes at night disrupting your sleep. Chronic heartburn is not so readily treated specially if it is due to elements like pregnancy, pathological elements, and deep seated lifestyle […]

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How Anger Affects Mind Health Can Meditation Help

Meditation to Calm Anger for Better Mind Health Remember the last time you felt anger, how it you felt in your body and your mind. It can be a scary experience, suddenly anger spills out eyes turn red, feeling like your head is going to explode, tension rises, your face may go red as your blood pressure  rises. […]

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increase mind power through meditation

Increase Memory Power Through Meditation Guide

Meditate for Memory Power Recent studies have proven that you can increase your brain mass and increase your memory power significantly. There certain things you can do to increase memory health some include eating healthy foods such as nuts and omega 3 essential oils as well relaxing the mind so it can heal, regenerate for […]

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mind body wellness get healthy naturally

Improving Mind Health With Yoga

Ways to Improve Mind Health With Yoga Besides physical benefits did you know you can improve your brain health with yoga? Yoga offers a numerous physical benefits such as increased flexibility, muscle tone, increased circulation, increased bone strength and can promotes weight loss. Many yogis find one of the highest benefits for practicing yoga is the ability it […]

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Maintain a healthy brain

Boost Your Brain Health

Prevent Memory Loss Do you suffer with brain fog?  Do you want to maintain your memory and improve your mental wellness?  Most of us want to still have a healthy brain well into our senior years and hopefully throughout the rest of our life.  Some positive news is that your brain can continue to develop […]

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meditation for a healthy mind

7 Meditation Benefits For A Healthy Mind

Meditation For A Healthy Mind Meditation is far more than relaxation; it has been practiced for centuries, now growing rapidly in the West as we are seeking answers to promote a healthy mind, reduce stress, find balance in the chaos and re-connect to ourselves, find inner peace and generally living healthy. Meditation and mindfulness exercises […]

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