Take care of your brain. You mind is a foundation of your wellness. Meditation, yoga, guided meditation and taking the right supplement help heal, balance emotional health for the mind, body and spirit health.

how to have a healthy happy mind meditation

How to Get Happy Healthy Mind

How to Get a Healthy Happy Mind “We Care For The Body, Nurture The Soul But Without A Healthy Mind Who Are We?” When we are young we focus on the physical self, as we grow we seek out the spiritual and as we age we fear losing our mind. For those who’ve discovered the […]

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how to get bipolar disorder help yoga

How to Ease Bipolar with Yoga

How Yoga Helps My Bipolar Disorder People all over the world choose yoga for both physical and emotional wellness, but as a woman with bipolar I discovered some additional benefits that really helped me manage my condition. It’s the one thing I do to calm and get grounded when I am up and when I […]

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a clear mind

Easy Natural Remedies For Brain Fog

 A Poor Diet Causes Lack Of Focus If staying healthy and fit is something you aspire to then you may already have a good idea of how different foods affect our body and the way we feel. It’s also a fact that the food we eat can have an impact on our brain too! Our […]

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