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How to Ease Bipolar with Yoga

How Yoga Helps With Bipolar Disorder If you have bipolar disorder you know the pain, mood swings, the highs and lows, and everything in between. And, you long for  calm and peace in your life. Today we talk about how to ease bipolar with yoga. As well as the many benefits of meditation for health …

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Get Better Mobility with Yoga – Balance Strength and Joints

Improve Mobility with Yoga for Balance Creating Balance, Core Strength and Mobility with Yoga Yoga is for any age and any ability as the poses lend themselves to be adapted easily with yoga blocks, rolls, mats and things you can use at home. While we think of physical balance, mental quiet and balance is part of …

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How to Lose Stomach Fat in 3 Weeks Fast

Lose Stomach Fat in 3 Weeks Fast Summer Time Stomach Fat How to Lose Weight in 3 Weeks Do you beat yourself up because you still have the stomach fat your promised to lose last year and the year before, and here you are again another summer approaching and your desperate to get on the beach …

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How Important is Losing Weight Before Knee Replacement Surgery

Benefit of Weight Loss Before Knee Replacement Surgery If you have a total knee replacement surgery planned, you’ll be helping yourself by losing weight before improve your results after having the knee replacement operation done. A report in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (Oct. 2012) says that overweight ‘obese’ patients are at a …

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Yoga to Improve Memory and Mind Health

Increase Your Memory With Yoga Yoga has mental health benefits, as well as incredible physical benefits we expect with regular exercise. Regular yoga practitioners report a number of improvements such as their mood, concentration, memory, sleep, work and study performance. And in their relationships.

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Improving Mind Health With Yoga

Ways to Improve Mind Health With Yoga Besides physical benefits did you know you can improve your brain health with yoga? Yoga offers a numerous