exercises to strengthen ankles

3 Exercises to Strenthen Ankle Joints

Strengthen Ankle Joints With 3 Easy Exercises

exercises to strengthen ankles

Get Strong Ankles

Whether you’re a runner, fitness buff, on your feet all day or sit at the office, its important to strengthen your ankle joints to reduce the risk of injury. Your ankles work hard for your and take a of lot of impact. If your active and pounding the pavements while you may notice knee pain or sore feet, but it’s not until you twist an ankle  do you realize how painful and immobilizing it can be. The same goes for those of us that sit at a desk, then stand up, start to walk on ankles that haven’t been stretched out all day.

Your ankles support your weight, they bend, the pivot and play a part in your ability to balance yourself. When were younger we take balance and mobility for granted as we age its important to take care of our entire body, and that includes our ankles. In light of a recent injury giving me a sharp reminder, I found a few exercise to stretch out your ankles and keep them strong.

 3 Exercises to Strengthen Ankle Joints from Home or the Office

Balance Disc. I love a balance disc, besides strengthening ankles, standing one the disc a few times a day for just a few minutes improve your balance strengthen ankle joints and help build the core muscles. If you new to this balance disc, have one hand placed on the back of a chair. Get your balance with both feet, it feels a little wobbly at first but that’s the idea, as you pull in your tummy, your body will find its natural balance. Next stand on the disc with one leg and stay in this pose as long as you can.  Then switch to the next. It’s a fun exercise can be done at home or the office and you’ll tone the belly at the same time. Check out the Balance Disc Here – my all in one exercise favourite!

Single Leg Ankle Stretch. Stand up straight get your balance, then shifting weight on one leg. As you bend forward slowly raise the other leg until it is parallel to the floor. Use a stable chair or counter top, until you progress to doing the stretch without, this is very similar to gentle stretch poses you would do in yoga, which is perfect create core balance and stretch joints and muscles. Hold this pose for a few 30 seconds to a minute, go back to standing and repeat with the others leg, do this a 12 times and do another set 2-3 times throughout the day.  This exercise will strengthen the micro muscles on your foo, ankles as you maintain your balance.

Strengthen with Stretch Bands. You can sit on a chair, on the floor, in bed if mobility is an issue,  and perfect for the office as you don’t require any bulky equipment. Use a comfortable wide stretch band under the foot and hold each end of the band. Move your foot back and forth, stretching out the calf muscles and the ankles. You can do variations, one foot at a time or both together. The band will allow you to give a lovely stretch as well as massaging the foot at the same time. Strength Bands

Work on your ankle joints as often as possible to strengthen them better mobility, balance and less risk of injury. If you suffer from foot injury, or have ankle pain then visit your Dr. for a check up or physiotherapy referral. Prevention is always the best, so exercise daily to keep joints supple and bones healthy. If you want to strengthen ankle joints, feet and the rest of your body, you can save time with gentle yoga poses daily.

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